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Advanced Candle Flicker Circuit

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The Candle Module 1.0 is one of the most powerful off-the-shelf candle LED modules available on the market today. Designed for commercial and professional special effects, the candle module utilizing a 1 watt CREE LED will outshine and outperform all other LED candles. Utilizing our advanced special effects Flicker pattern generator that utilizes true random algorithms, the Candle Module 1.0 produces the most organic and realistic candle effects available today.

The Candle Module 1.0 specifically designed to be retrofitted in existing equipment and candle assemblies. Its small size of less than 0.95" in diameter allows it to fit in almost any off-the-shelf candle and it can be incorporated into a wide array of props including handheld torches, lanterns, fireplaces, sconces, and so forth. The applications are truly endless. The Candle Module 1.0 can also be used by itself for incredible flame like flickering effects as well as shadow boxes.

The Candle Module 1.0 is available in both single-mode and multi-mode operation. The single-mode unit comes preprogrammed with our standard high power candle flicker algorithm, while the multi-mode unit provides several unique candle operational modes selectable by an onboard pushbutton. As with our Flicker multi-effect lighting controllers, the present operational mode is always saved in memory so that if power is lost, the previously mode of operation is restored once power is reconnected.

Quantity OEM pricing is available. Please contact us our sales department for a quote.

Click here for the datasheet (PDF)


  • High power CREE LED with 1 watt peak power output

  • Single button operation allows easy and quick way to change output patterns

  • Internal memory saves previous mode setting

  • Small form factor of less than 0.95" diameter allows it to be installed in almost any prop device

  • True random algorithms provide the most realistic and non-repeating pattern generation possible

  • All candle modules come with flying leads for easy hook-up

Operating Modes:

  • OFF mode

  • Ember mode

  • Candle flicker mode (low, med, high)

  • Windy flame mode

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