Any time I send out an intentionally polarizing email (like the one I sent yesterday) ...

I know ahead of time that it will result in a handful of cranky, opinionated replies.

My favorite retort to yesterday's email came from a subscriber named Ray who said:

Actually before I tell you what Ray said, let me give some context for the folks who didn't read yesterday's email ... here's the Cliffs Notes version.

the Subject line was "The Most Absurd Excuse to Quit Ever!"

In the email, I told a true story about a guy who bought my home study course.

A few weeks later, he lost his motivation to do the work & instead of owning up to his lack of determination, he made up an excuse saying he couldn't follow my videos in English.

(which didn't make sense because he wrote his complaint in English, watched a 60-min. webinar video in English before buying and completed an order form all in English).

Anyway, one of the replies I got back from that email said:

"He probably just doesn't like your all knowing -put down- arrogant attitude."

I love getting emails like this because it gives me a great opportunity to show you the behind the scenes thinking of why I market the way that I do

(and I admit ... poking a little fun at the bellyachers is a nice bonus)

What Ray doesn't seem to understand is that I wrote that email with the very intention of offending and repulsing a certain type of prospect who I do not want to do business with.

And if polarization is sometimes mistaken for "arrogance", that's a risk I'm willing to take

Because in most cases, the same person who gets offended & feels the need to gripe via email would end up being a pain in the ass customer if I didn't filter them out.

Trust me when I tell you ... You do NOT want to attract everyone.

And here's the hidden benefit most people don't realize ...

Those kind of polarizing messages don't just repulse the junk prospects ... They are ultra-magnetic to your perfect prospect.

For every one gumbling snowflake, I got at least 100 highly qualified prospects who resonated with that message and attended this free web class yesterday

(plus I ended up making 3 sales off of yesterday's email)

So I should really thank Ray for:

A) confirming that my email did exactly as intended and

B) providing fodder for another email to polarize a few more prospects like him ;)

So if today's email offends you, please feel free to unsubscribe.

If, however, you understand the importance of repelling low quality prospects so that you're only dealing with the highest quality leads possible ...

Register for this free webclass and I'll show you my simple 3-step process that will have you attracting leads and customers by the end of the day.

FYI - you don't have to be confrontational at all.

There are other ways to polarize that make you come off super nice and cool to everyone (if that's more your style) ...

and I'll show you exactly how to do that on the webinar.

And just in case you think I'm blowing smoke up your butt by suggesting that you can get immediate results just from the info in this free webclass ...

Check out a few of the screenshots below:

(turn on images in your email application if you can't see the screenshots below)

So if you're not getting enough leads and customers for your business ...

or if you’re a business owner who’s sick of dealing with rejection and struggling to attract high-quality leads online…

Click here to reserve your seat now:

It’s only 60 minutes long, it covers my simple 3-step process in detail and it's packed with meaty, actionable stuff that you can get results with starting immediately.

but I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna leave it available ...

So click the link the link above, grab a pen and paper, and I’ll see you there.

Talk soon,


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