AttractionNaction NdFeB powder used with Thin Film Graphene Supercapacitors for Wireless Connections

The properties of permanent magnets and magnetic powder generally, include a Rare-Earth metal, as well as Iron (Fe) and Boron (B). More commonly used rare-earth metal is Neodymium (Nd). These materials are derived from the strong magnetocrystalline anisotropy and high saturation magnetization of the compound RE2Fe14B1. Newland Magnetic powders, quench magnet powder, NdFeB powder, ferrite powder, spun NdFeB powder are based upon Nd-Fe-B alloy compositions that are quickly solidified from their molten state at high cooling rates. This rapid solidification results in a material that has a precise grain structure. Due to the small grain size, these materials are magnetically isotropic. Unlike the very fine, anisotropic powders that are used to manufacture sintered NdFeB magnets, Newland’s powder is stable against oxidation-forced demagnetization.

This makes Newland powders easily ready for making bonded permanent magnets. We make our powders using a process known as “Jet Casting”. It involves melting an ingot of Nd-Fe-B, and then shooting the metal under high pressure onto the surface of a rotating metal wheel that is kept at cool temperatures while the molten metal is cooled. The material solidifies into a small metal ribbon that is about 35 µm (micrometers) thick and 1-3 mm wide. By controlling variables such as the flow rate of the metal, the wheels rotating speed, the cooling rate; we can achieve optimum magnetic properties. The gathered ribbon is milled into a platelet, which is treated with heat to achieve desired magnetic properties. We even use another process that allows for rapid solidification, and still gives the fine, spherical NdFeB powders. Much like a centrifuge, it is known as “spinning-cup atomization”. The molten metal is ejected into the surface of a rapidly spinning cup. As it leaves the rim of the spinning cup, the metal forms droplets that form into very small spheres, solidifying during flight. The powder is collected and then treated with heat to get the desired magnetic properties. The product range of our magnets covers five kinds of magnetic powder, and all kind of bonded magnets. They can be used in the automobile industry, office automation, electric toys and magnetic curing products,etc. because they have high quality and high strength and they can be made into complicated shapes.

Renewable green energy originates from the earth’s natural resources, in less than a human lifetime they have the capability to replenish themselves without depleting the planet’s resources.

Natural resources are abundant across our planet in the form of wind, sunlight, tides and geothermal energy stored in the earth’s crust. They are virtually inexhaustible. And, what is even more important, they cause little climate or environmental damage.

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