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Best Way For Inventors To Get First Hand Information from Investors NEONVEST


The current way of getting in front of investors is broken.

LIMITED NETWORKS ​ Founders leverage their existing networks to connect to the perfect mentor. Many simply don’t have a large and relevant enough network.

DAYS OF HUSTLING ​ Founders pay $$ and spend days attending conferences in the hopes of attracting expert VCs to become their mentors. It’s just up to chance.

COLD OUTREACH Founders send cold emails or LinkedIn requests to experts in VC, many of whom never respond. Sometimes, it’s because they never see it.

…costing time, money and growth for startups.


NeonVest's Expert VC Network is a platform for entrepreneurs to have real, 1-on-1 conversations with investors for expert advice, feedback, mentorship, and knowledge, on-demand. The topics can span the spectrum from fundraising to strategy to finances to customer acquisition to referrals, and more. It’s an enterprise platform to make networking more effective, and help startups seamlessly connect to relevant experts in their field, for real conversations, and real value. ​ ​Everyone gets something different out of this. The beauty of our Expert VC Network is that it’s completely tailored to you. To your company, to your situation. No piece of advice is going to be the same. Here are three tangible things you can expect to get out of this tool, as you continue going through it: ​

  • Better decision-making on a variety of aspects of your business, to maximally optimize for success;

  • An extremely large and relevant network of VCs, Corporate VCs, Family Offices and Angels, within your sector;

  • Detailed understanding of macro dynamics in your sector, investors’ perspectives on your company, and how you can compel people to invest.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Newton didn’t start from scratch. He utilized the knowledge of people who had done it before him, who were successful. Be like Newton. ​


​ Drop in your email address below so that we can send you more detailed information and answer all your questions. ​​ After reviewing our information packet, decide if you want to join the NeonVest platform. Complete your business profile and on-boarding criteria. ​ ​ Get warm introductions to a curated and personalized set of investors and meetings scheduled on your calendar. ​ ​ ​


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