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Easy Electronics For Energy

Basic step up dc-dc converter POSTED BY ILIAS-MAN ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 61 COMMENTS This is a basic circuit of a step up DC-DC converter which the output voltage is more than the input, the circuit could be used to power a 9v or more devices from a 6v or even a 1.5v battery, charge batteries (3-12v) with 1.5v solar cell... The circuit uses an oscillator using Schmitt... READ MORE

Make a joule thief POSTED BY ILIAS-MAN ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 105 COMMENTS Joule thief is a simple step up converter, that converts DC to DC, for example you can drive a 3.4V Led with single 1.2V battery, even if the battery is almost dead. It extract all the energy stored in batteries. You need: 1Kohm resistor. small NPN transistor ( for example 2N3904... READ MORE Make a simple flasher POSTED BY ILIAS-MAN ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2012 20 COMMENTS This circuit shows how to build a simple flasher that can flash Leds, lamps, motors... To make this circuit you need: 4 Resistors, two 470-560 ohms and two 2.2K-10K ohms. 2 Capacitors, 47uF (or approach values ). 2 identical Small/power NPN transistors (any type will work), by using... READ MORE

Simple rectangular oscillator using CD4011 (Nand gates) POSTED BY ILIAS-MAN ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2012 6 COMMENTS This circuit is a rectangular oscillator, that generates a square wave form, the circuit uses NAND logic gates, using CD4011 (contain 4 nand gates), the generated signal can be used as an audio alarm (by connecting a speaker directly to the output), or amplified and used as an... READ MORE Charge your non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries (new method) POSTED BY ILIAS-MAN ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2012 31 COMMENTS We thought that limiting the current of recharging the batteries did the trick, but no! the electrolyte leaks from the end of the negative terminal, when the battery leaks, it loses in the best case 50% of its capacity. more leakage always ends with a small explosion, so another method... READ MORE

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