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Our SECURITY SOLAR WINDOW CANDLE is a basic home security device. Is also used for home décor. There are no complicated connections to make and is absolutely maintenance free. The SECURITY SOLAR WINDOW CANDLE uses AttractionNAction Magnetic Power Cells. We do not use ANY kind of battery cell technology. We are new and unique. AttractionNAction offers the only Graphene Supercapacitor Magnetic Power Cells on the market today! These Magnetic Power Cells have an incredible lifespan of 20 years or 500,000 charging cycles. No other product even comes close. The SECURITY SOLAR WINDOW CANDLE charges itself with the attached solar panel and you never have to worry about charging the unit. Even a tiny bit of light will trickle energy into the Magnetic Power Cells. Last but not least, there are no risks of explosion with AttractionNAction Graphene Supercapacitor technology. The unit never overheats while charging or discharging energy. It is totally safe. In a toxic sea of Lead and Lithium-ion batteries, AttractionNAction offers the only green solution to power storage and we do it while outperforming all other types of batteries currently on the market. We are clean, green and safe. AttractionNAction is the next step in green power storage. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dimensions: Base 6.375 x 1.63 x 1.125 inches Black solar panel 3.35 x 3.35 x .062 inches Candle 9 inches long with a 1-inch diameter

WEIGHT: .375 lbs

MATERIALS: PVC COLOR: Brass colored base Black solar panel BULB: Yellow 5mm LED 11 mA

POWER STORAGE TECHNOLOGY: 2 x AttractionNAction Magnetic Power Cells

VOLTAGE: 2.7V (each)

AMP HOUR CAPACITY: 2 (1 ah each) WATTHOUR CAPACITY: 5.4Wh (2.7Wh for candle and 2.7Wh for security module)

DEPTH OF DISCHARGE (DoD): 100% CYCLES @ 100% DoD: 500,000

CHARGING: Solar charging only and charges in 2 hours of full sunlight. Will also charge with artificial light.

RETAIL PRICE: $9.95 Basic Unit $29.95 with security module

Order from our online store ON SALE NOW

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