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What It Really Means to Be an Entrepreneur

The image that comes into a lot of people’s minds when they think of an entrepreneur is someone like Steve Jobs starting Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak from his parents’ garage in his early 20s. They obviously built something enormously successful out of nothing, but that’s just a single story—one that represents the 1% of entrepreneurs.

In my view, entrepreneurs are defined by their actions, not by their intent or by whether you can find them listed on the stock exchange. They include start-up and small business owners, freelancers, contract workers, gig workers, side hustlers, and anyone else taking risks to pursue their dreams.

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You can (and should!) call yourself an entrepreneur if you can say YES! to one of these three business basics:

  1. I operate a business. It can be a business of any size and at any stage of development, as long as you’re past the “ideation” phase.

  2. I’m taking a risk. You could be risking your money, resources, reputation, time, or all of the above. But it’s a risk you believe in.

  3. I’m making—or on the path to—making money. Money doesn’t have to be the primary reason you do what you do, but if you don’t intend to make a profit, then you have a hobby, not a business.

If you make money from your store on Etsy, then you are an entrepreneur. You may be a part-time entrepreneur who also has a day job, but an entrepreneur nonetheless!

If you’re building an app that hasn’t made money yet, but that you fully intend to market to customers to make a profit, then you are an entrepreneur.

And if you’re a techy twenty-something-year-old who just started a business in your garage… you’re an entrepreneur, too!

It’s time to rethink our entrepreneurial stereotypes. Innovation and inspiration can come at any age, whether you’re 9, 72, or anywhere in between. What matters most is the desire to begin something of your own and the belief that it’s possible. It’s never too late (or too early) to start.

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