Panda PowerHouse For PowerPacks

Panda PowerHouse For PowerPacks

The Panda PowerHouse is a great addition to our green product line that adds convenience to storing our powerpacks for greater current output and also convenient charging using the optional integrated Cheetah Charger or Magnetically Coupled Solar panels with integrated Supercapacitor power storage in a small horizontal footprint that uses our exclusive patented magnetic deck stabilizers Not to be confused with our future vertical load Macro Mobility Modules that use our exclusive keyed magnetic lIft and Shear Force Technology

From Micro Mobility to Macro Mobility we are the

Future Of Connectivity

Easy and Fast Connectivity of Devices even in total darkness

Green Connectivity between Humankind and Nature

Visual Connectivity between our Customers and Us through online video help line

We are REAL and face to face and a virtual handshake to complete our interaction to create a worry-free and stress-free atmosphere 

Ed Heffner/President